Completed Projects


Sewage Treatment plants in Bangladesh are growing businesses due to environmental aspects. Nowadays Sewage Treatment Plant is mandatory to all ships because the sewage generated on the ship cannot be stored on the ship for a very long time and for this reason it has to be discharged into the sea. Though sewage can be discharged into the sea, we cannot discharge it directly overboard as there are some regulations regarding discharging of sewage that needs to be followed.

Our group has taken this opportunity for installing STP  (Sewage Treatment Plant) for 150 persons of Naval Ship Ali Haider under the Bangladesh Navy. The STP was demanded by the UN from an environmental point of view. Ali Haider is the largest and well equipped frigate which is deployed for UN missions in Lebanon. By which Bangladesh Navy is earning a handsome amount of foreign currency indeed. It should be mentioned that this is the first STEP in a Bangladeshi Frigate so far. Our plant is constructed and tested under very strict standards ensuring trouble-free operation in any environment.



A Mobile Water Treatment Plant is an equipment, by which one can ensure safe and WHO standard  drinking water from any kind of source water in any time any place. Having a built-in power generation facility enables the system to be independent in operation.Under the Department of Public Health and Engineering (DPHE), CleanTech Engineering Limited implemented a lot of projects in the coastal areas by the financial support of Islamic Development Bank (IDB).  Salinity is a big issue in the coastal belt.

The community people experience a lot of difficulties to collect drinking water. CleanTech Engineering Limited developed 8 PCs of Pick up mounted Mobile Water TreatmentPlant in Bangladesh capacity of 2000 LPH at their own facilities and supplied them. CleanTech Engineering Limited has introduced all kinds of modern technologies to this Pick Up Mounted Mobile Water Treatment Plant.

The Mobile Water Treatment Plant has been designed and fabricated at own facilities of CleanTech Engineering Limited which bear dignity of Bangladesh.All types of processes are carried out in this modern mobile water treatment plant. Chemical and membrane separation processes are both applied to treat effectively the ground or surface level wastewater.


There is no other alternative option but installing a Surface Water Treatment Plant at Lama Pourashava, Bandarban. Bandarban is one of the Hill-districts situated  in South-Eastern part of  Bangladesh. It has a huge deficiency of safe drinking water in  Lama. It is totally impossible to collect underground water.

There is a small river named “Mata Mahur”  runs through the town but people cannot consume its water as  it is mostly polluted. The World Bank has decided to install a Surface Water Treatment Plant, Capacity-200m3/h through Bangladesh Municipal Development Fund (BMDF) to meet the safe and drinking  water crisis. CleanTech Engineering Limited has set up a Surface Water Treatment Plant with a distribution network at Lama Pourashava.

The project was a capacity of 200 m3/hour. No other but only CleanTech Engineering Limited  have the strength to complete such a job without any interruption. Scope of works are Constriction of Pre-Settling Tank; Bank Protection Work; Ancillary Works and Electro-mechanicals work.


The Surface Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh now is a burning issue as the availability of  underground water is going down day by day. Considering this situation Chittagong Port Authority has decided to set up a 400m3/h Reverse Osmosis based Surface Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. And they have appointed CleanTech Engineering Limited after evaluating the strength of working capability. CleanTech Engineering Limited  has successfully supplied, commissioned and installed the most prestigious and giant Surface Water Treatment Plant for Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) in Chittagong port.

The scope of work was Reverse Osmosis Membrane based Surface Water Treatment Plant; HDPE, MS, SS, and uPVC Pipe Network; Civil works including water tank, Prefabricated steel building, road cutting and carpeting with bituminous and underground Pump House; Electromechanical works including sub-station.   It was a great problem persisting in Chittagong Port Area for CPA to provide drinking water to the foreign ships. Chittagong WASA was assigned to serve them drinking water so far. But Chittagong WASA was not capable even to fulfill the demand of about 3 hundred ships staying around the berthing area. After completion of this project capacity of 4 lac liter per hour CPA now can easily provide 900 tons pure and safe drinking water daily to the ships of home and abroad.

Ongoing Projects:


A series of successful works  with Bangladesh Navy directed to the further supply works of  installation, testing and commissioning of desalination and filtration plant a capacity of 2000 m3/day  to supply drinking water for ships company and officer’s accommodation area at  BNS Issa Khan, Chittagong.


Demineralization is the process of removing mineral salts from water by using the  Reverse    Osmosis Process and ion exchange process With most natural water sources it is possible to use Demineralization and produce water of a higher quality than conventional distillation. We manufacture a Wide range of Dematerializing plants for industrial process water applications. They are available in different sizes and materials, manually operated, semi automatic or fully Automatic. We are also doing revamping of old plants. Demineralize Plant is most essential in many industries and it is mostly used in Power plants as well, CleanTech Engineering Limited is one of professional suppliers of DM Water system in Bangladesh.

Due to its technical know-how , skill and expertise of WTP related works and capability to implement the projects SUMMIT POWER LTD has kept their confidence by rewarding a job to provide them a Demineralization (DM) Plant for their Power Plant at Barisal. The raw water will be supplied from the adjacent River for the treatment with the technology application of Aeration – Coagulation – Clarifier – Pretreatment – RO System with CIP and Mixedbed, Output of this plant 4m3/h