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Best Water purifier price in Bangladesh

Water is an essential part of our daily life. We cannot think of a day without consuming enough water. It is one of the most necessary elements of our body. But the water we consume can be detrimental to our health if we are not careful about the type of water we are consuming. Honestly, it is quite difficult to find a fresh source of water in our country. We have no other option but to purify that water and use it for drinking, and what better way to purify water than using a water purifier. The main issue with buying a water purifier is that the Water purifier price in Bangladesh can vary a lot. Apart from their price, you can find a lot of water purifiers with different specifications. If you are thinking of buying a water purifier bd, you might find it quite overwhelming because of such reasons. But do not get discouraged yet as we have got your back. We know how annoying it is to constantly get confused by all the marketing strategies of the water purifier brands. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying a water purifier.

In this article, we will discuss the things you need to know before buying a water purifier, Water Filter Price in Bangladesh, and the best water purifiers you can buy. So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

All you need to know before buying a water purifier

There are a few key parameters that you need to follow before buying a water purifier bd for yourself. There are five key parameters of buying a water purifier. Those key parameters are

  • Total Dissolved Solids level
  • Purification method
  • Capacity
  • Safety measures
  • Maintenance cost
  • Price

Let us see how these five things can affect the type of water purifier you want to buy.

Total Dissolved Solids level 

The most important thing that you need to know before buying any water purifier is not even related to the water purifier itself. It is because, no matter how good of a water purifier you buy, if your source water is inedible, you will no be able to drink it despite running it through a water purifier.

For any water to be edible, the TDS or Total Dissolved Solids level has to be under 500. If the TDS level of over a thousand then, the water can be deemed as inedible. So, the first step of buying a water purifier is to find out the quality of your source water.

Purification method

After you have found out the TDS level of the water around you, now, you can choose a water purifier based on that information. Water purification is the core purpose of a water purifier. So, it is quite natural to know the purification method of a water purifier.

The purification method can heavily dictate the water purifier price in Bangladesh. The three types of water purification methods used in modern water purifiers are RO(Reverse-Osmosis), UV(Ultra Violet), and UV+RO. These three purification methods are suitable for different types of water.

Remember we told you to find out the TDS level of your source water? If the TDS level of your source water is below two hundred, then you should choose a UV water purifier. UV water purifiers can kill all the harmful germs and bacterias without damaging the key elements of water. If it is between two hundred and fifty to five hundred then, you should go for a RO+UV purifier. This type of water is low on minerals, and the RO+UV technology can add the necessary minerals while purifying it. Lastly, if the TDS level of your water is above five hundred,  then you should go for a RO purifier as they are the best for such waters.


It takes a while to purify water so, it is best to figure out the regular necessity of water for your family. This way, you will not run out of water before refilling the purifier again. Another thing you should keep in mind is that how often do you face load shedding in your area. If the rate is high, you should go for a larger capacity purifier.

Safety measures

Water purifiers use different filtration methods to purify the water. But as you use them regularly, they can get damaged over time. A water purifier with a damaged filter will not provide safe water, and that is why you need to change such filters as fast as you can. Your water purifier should have safety measures that warn you about the condition of your filter and when you should replace them.

Maintenance cost  

If you think that you are done after buying your water purifier bd, then you are quite wrong. You need to maintain your water purifier as you use it regularly. You should consider the maintenance cost of the water purifier beforehand. Otherwise, you will end up with a water purifier that you are unable to maintain properly.


No matter how you curve it, price always plays a role in everything that you want to purchase, and a water purifier is no different. Believe it or not, the water purifier price in Bangladesh can get quite high. So, you should always keep an eye on the price of the product that you want to buy. Suppose you have found a water purifier that meets all the requirements. But, when you go to buy it, the Water Filter Price in Bangladesh does not meet your budget. So, before confirming everything, it is better to look at the price tag beforehand.     

You need to consider these five key parameters before buying a water purifier from our company

Now that you know what you need to look out for when buying a water purifier, let us walk you through different types of water purifiers and their advantages and disadvantages.

Water purifier supplier in Bangladesh

The two most common water purifier suppliers in Bangladesh are Pureit and KENT. But judging from their popularity, you probably already know about them. Both of them are the top water purifier manufactures and suppliers in Bangladesh. They both offer high-quality water purifiers bd with some extra benefits.

We all know about the top suppliers so let us take a look at the supplier who is not that famous but still offers good quality purifiers.

Most of us show the tendency of relegating Chinese products. We have grown this tendency by buying cheap Chinese products, and now we think all the Chinese products are the same. While in reality, Chinese products provide top-notch products while maintaining competitive pricing. Just look at Top Klean and Heron. Both are Chinese brands that provide quality water purifiers within your desired budget. A good product does not always have to be the costliest, and both these companies believe in this.

We highly recommend these two brands. But if you are still hesitant about buying them, we have another two Taiwanese brands that also provide quality water purifiers. These two brands are Aqua Pro and Lan Shan. You can find budget water purifiers from Aqua Pro, but Lan Shan has no such options. They cost more compared to all the other three brands we have mentioned here.

Water purifier dealers in Bangladesh

You can find a water purifier dealer in Bangladesh in every corner of your road. But the question is, are they trustworthy? Can you trust a store that just opened up and want to make some profit? Well, there is no right answer to such a question. We say it because a newly opened dealership can offer you genuine products for reasonable prices whereas, a well-known dealership can mislead you into buying the wrong products. Do not get the wrong idea. We are not ridiculing any big stores or telling you to go to new dealerships. We are just giving you a general idea about how things work.

While we cannot guarantee the product quality in all the dealerships, we can guarantee the product quality of Cleantech. Cleantech is a well-known water purifier dealership where you can find authentic products at reasonable prices. They buy a product from a genuine Water purifier supplier in Bangladesh and have a lot of enticing offers going on in this dealership. You will find regular discounts on products and ensure to buy them at the best prices. Apart from a huge discount on the Water purifier price in Bangladesh, they offer free installation, a year-long warranty, and a zero percent EMI system to make sure you can buy the water purifier that you need and desire.

At the beginning of the article, we said that we would tell you about the products that we consider you to buy. The long wait is over as, in this segment of the article, we will share with you the best water purifier bd to buy. You can find all these products at Cleantech.

The Best water purifiers of 2021

UV Water purifier

UV water purifiers are good for getting rid of all the germs by using ultraviolet rays. UV water purifiers are not good at filtering out solid objects from the water. So, if such requirements do not match for you, it is better to stay away from a UV water purifier. But, if you find yourself in a similar situation then, the UV water purifier from Heron and Top Klean can be the suitable UV water purifier for you. With a storage capacity of one GPM, the UV water purifier from both these companies should be enough for almost every family. Just like their specs, they are both similarly priced. We are low price UV water purifier supplier in Bangladesh company. The water filter price in a Bangladesh of Heron UV Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look.

Features and specifications

With a five-stage UV filtration system, the UV water purifiers from Heron and Top Klean are equipped with a storage capacity of one GPM. Both these UV water purifiers have stainless steel housing with a powder-coated exterior. You do not need to assemble a single thing as they come pre-assembled with all the necessary equipment you will need for the installation. If you are still not convinced, they both have the option to wall mount as well. With such specifications, you might be wondering if such a water purifier will fit your budget. Do not worry, as both of these UV water purifiers are quite affordable. 


  • Quite fast at filtering water
  • Does not require maintenance cost
  • Good for waters with low TDS levels

ECO-501 and TPRO-75

If you are not lucky enough to live in a place where the TDS levels of water are below five hundred then, the ECO-501 or the TPRO-75 from Top Klean should be the water purifier of your choice. With the RO or reverse osmosis technology, both the ECO-501 and TPRO-75 filters out all the unnecessary ingredients from your drinking water and leaves you with the best quality drinking water. Though both the ECO-501 and TPRO-75 offer the same specs, there is a minor price discrepancy between these two. The price of ECO-501 and TPRO-75 Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look.

Features and specifications

The ECO-501 and TPRO-75 from Top Klean ensure one hundred percent pure drinking water despite the poor condition of your source water. It can claim such bold things as it is equipped with a five-stage RO technology that will filter out any unnecessary ingredients from the water and add all the necessary ingredients to ensure top-notch quality. All the part of the ECO-501 comes pre-assembled along with the installation accessories.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Provides a top-notch purification with RO technology


The ECO-501 might not suit you, and you might look for other RO water purifiers that provide similar water purification quality. Well, look no further as the APRO-501 from Aqua Pro provides the same water purifying quality as the ECO-501 from TOP KLEAN. So, if you are having a hard time buying a Chinese product then, the APRO should serve you properly as it is made in Taiwan. The price of the APRO-501 Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look.

Features and specifications

When you choose to buy the APRP-501 from Aqua Pro, you can expect nothing but the best drinking water. The five-stage RO technology gets rid of all the unnecessary ingredients from your drinking water quite effectively and efficiently. Its storage capacity of 75 GPD should be enough for most families out there.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Provides a top-notch purification with RO technology


Some people are extra careful about our health, and they will not make any type of compromises when it comes to health. The BLU-201- BW is for such peoples. It is a RO water purifier that adds an extra two layers of filtration to get the best purifying results. the price of BLU-201-BW Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look.

Features and specifications

Just like all the other RO water purifiers, the BLU-201-BW has all the basic qualities of any RO purifier. But unlike the common RO water purifiers, it has a 4G pressure tank instead of a 3.2G tank. With two more filtration layers, it has a total of seven filtration layers that ensures a top-notch purification.


  • Increased reserve capacity size
  • Has a seven-layer RO filtration stages

Heron Max

Not all of us want to fulfill our necessity. There are people around us who want capable machinery that can also look good along with all the other interior designs of your house. Budget is no such issue for such people. The price of the Heron Max Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look. But do not let the looks fool you, as it surely has some quality of life improvements that will enhance your day-to-day experience with the water purifier.

Features and specifications

Heron Max is an RO water purifier with five filtration layers. It has a reserve capacity of 75 GPD. The reserve capacity of this water purifier is 6 liters. It also has a hot water reserve that can hold up to 1 liter of hot water. You need to wall mount this water purifier, but its slick design will surely go with almost any type of interior design.


  • Has a nice outlook
  • 6 liters of reserve capacity with 1 liter of hot water reserve capacity


The Lotus from Sanaky is another water purifier in the premium segment of this category. If you do not like the look of the Heron Max, you can take a look at the Sneaky Lotus. the Lotus is a countertop water purifier that has a black exterior with slick designs. Black suits everything, and this water purifier will surely fill your aesthetic purposes.

Features and specifications

Equipped with a mineral RO technology, the Lotus has a six-layer water filtration level. It also has an increased capacity of 100 GPD compare to other purifiers. The reserve capacity of this water purifier is 4.2 G.


  • A nice slick black exterior
  • Countertop water purifier
  • The capacity of 100 GPD
  • Six-layer RO water filtration stages


If you thought that we have forgotten about those who want to buy a traditional water purifier bd, this one is for you guys. The GWP-401-20 from Heron is the only water filter on our list that does not require electricity to operate. With PP and activated carbon technology, the GWP-401-20 uses four filtration layers to filter out all the unnecessary water particles. This water purifier is quite good in its segment, but it is not for everyone. We recommend this purifier to those who have low TDS level source water only. The GWP-401-20 Water Filter Price in Bangladesh is around 9500 BDT.

Features and specifications

Like a traditional water purifier, the GWP-401-20 from Heron does not have many enticing features as the other ones. But as far as traditional water purifiers go, you can consider this among the best ones out there. It uses PP and activated carbon technology with a four-layer filtration system to purify your water.


  • Power-efficient
  • Good for low TDS waters

Easy Pure – 200 GPD

Now, we on that part of the article where budget does not matter, and the first product here is the Easy Pure – 200 GPD. The Easy Pure – 200 GPD costs about 29500 BDT. But the price is not for show as it is not for everyone. If you want to buy a water purifier for your family, this water purifier is surely not for you. With a capacity of 200 GPD, the Easy Pure – 200 GPD is better suited for offices and commercial spaces. You can also consider buying this for your family if you face constant load-shedding issues.

Features and specifications

Just as the price increases, the specifications increase as well. With a capacity of 200 GPD and 11/20 G reserve capacity, the Easy Pure-200 GPD is the perfect water purifier for small-sized offices. It does not cut down on the water filtration quality as it also is equipped with a five-layer RO chamber to purity all the water.


  • Has a 200 GPD water capacity
  • Good for small offices and areas with high load shedding levels


The LSRO-200-G from Lan Shan belongs to the premium segment of the 200 GPD category. It has the same water capacity as the Easy Pure – 200 GPD. Lan Shan is a world-renowned water purifier brand, and its quality is well-known throughout the world. The price of the LSRO-200-G Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look.

Features and specifications

It has all the basic specifications of a usual 200 GPD water purifier. A 200 GPD water capacity, 11/20 G reserve capacity, five-layer RO chamber are the common specification of any 200 GPD water purifier, and the LSRO-200-G has them all. The LSRO-200-G has all that with the Lan Shan tag going along with it that ensure quality.


  • The best inline quality
  • Has a 200 GPD capacity


Just its little brother LSRO-200-G, the LSRO-400-G from Lan Shan also remains on the premium segment. It is an identical model to the LSRO-200-G, the key difference being its capacity. It has a capacity of 400 GPD and is suitable for big-sized offices. LSRO-400-G is the most expensive product on our list, The price of the LSRO-400-G Water Purifier is given on our website. From there you can take a look.

Features and specifications 

With a total capacity of 400 GPD, the LSRO-400-G  has the same specification as the LSRO-200-G.


  • The best inline quality
  • Has a 400 GPD capacity


As you can see, the water purifier price in Bangladesh can vary a lot depending on its model and specs. You can also find enticing offers on such water purifiers, making their pricing even more unstable. But you should always be careful when buying a water purifier bd as you will drink that water regularly. And if you cannot find the proper one, it can turn out quite bad for you and your family or employees.

Our water purifier company in Bangladesh has been doing business for many years with a good reputation. We are supplying water purifiers to the entire district of Bangladesh. Our company has water purifier dealers all over Bangladesh.