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water dispenser price in bd
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Top Klean Jar Dispenser

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water dispenser price in bangladesh
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Water Net Jar Dispenser

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Heron Premium Jar Dispenser

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Heron Jar Dispenser

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The Best Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Price In Bangladesh

Regardless of whether in your home or at the workplace, using a hot and cold water dispenser has various advantages. Water dispensers give an opportunity to make the tap water pure, and hot and cold alternatives give you temperature control options. Regardless of how you decide to utilize it, these four amazing advantages will make your water dispenser one of your favorites in your home or office. Know more about hot and cold water dispenser prices in Bangladesh.

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Price In Bangladesh

Some hot and cold water dispensers are:

Heron Jar Dispenser

This is one of the best water Dispenser Hot and Cold which serves both hot and cold water. It is marketed by the brand named Heron. The materials used to make this dispenser is food grade

This dispenser is easy to use and not complicated at all. It is of good quality. It has a compressor cooling system. It is a classic model standing water dispenser. 

It can contain 5 Liter of hot water and 2 Liter of cold water. It comes with a 1 Year Warranty. It is white in color.

You cannot use just any random water dispenser in your house or workplace. Heron jar dispenser is amazing in case of preserving the water’s natural freshness. This dispenser is durable and keeps the water clean and fresh.

The price of this dispenser is 8,500.

 Top Klean Jar Dispenser

The manufacturing brand is TopKlean. The origin of this brand in China. It has the capacity to contain 5 Liter hot water and 2-liter cold water.

It has a five-stage filtration system. This water dispenser will help you stay fresh and revived, regardless of where it is used. Even in your home, you cannot sit without worrying and trusting that water will be safe.

Again, you won’t have to put effort into getting hot water. If you have to invest less energy in the kitchen, you will get more opportunities to do different things you appreciate. At the workplace, this helps to grow profitability with reviving, hydrating water, and you’ll get your morning tea quicker. Since the hot water dispenser has a safety lock, you don’t have to be tensed about accidental harms in a crowded workplace or at home with little children.

The price of this 5 stage filtration system dispenser is 8,500. 

Heron Premium Jar Dispenser

It is a jar-type dispenser manufactured by the brand named Heron Premium.

the Hot Water Capacity of this dispenser is 2L. On the other hand, the Cold Water Capacity of this dispenser is 5L. It works in two functions which are Cold & Hot.

It is blessed with the Rated Voltage of AC220V-240V. The Hot Water Temperature and Heating Capacity of it is ≥90 5L/H.

The Cold Water Temperature and Cooling Capacity of this unique dispenser is ≥10 2L/H. The Heating Power is 500W and the Cooling Power is 80W. 

The Price of this hot and cold dispenser is 9,000. 

Heron Inline Water Dispenser

Heron Inline water dispenser is manufactured by the Brand named heron. The type of Dispenser is Inline.

It is blessed with a Hot Water Capacity of 2L and the Cold Water Capacity is 5L.

The heating power is 500W, and the cooling power is 80W.

The Hot Water Capacity of this dispenser is ≥90°C 5L/h. On the other hand, the Cold Water Capacity is ≤10°C 2L/h.

It is made with Stainless steel welding water tanks and copper tubes. It comes with a Warranty card which ensures a 1-year warranty. The Price of this dispenser is 13,500 BDT.


Regardless of the fact that we need to drink more safe and pure water, doing so regularly is actually quite difficult. 

Water dispensers make it easy by making the water you need readily available in the fingertip. 

Avoid the sweet soft drinks, sodas, in spite of, drink delicious spring water, directly from the hot or cold dispenser. 

We provide the best information about hot and cold water dispenser prices in Bangladesh so that you can choose the perfect one for you from these options.