We are the best and reliable Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) supplier in Bangladesh. At our company, you can get all types of Industrial Water Plant service. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing ETP Plant supplier industries in Bangladesh. We provide the appropriate waste treatment plant and recyclable Effluent Treatment Plant service for your industry.

We have a skilled team to make Effluent Treatment Plant manufacturers for your organization in Bangladesh. Those who do this will help you to develop innovative ideas and concepts. By setting up an ETP Plant in your organization, you can make your used water suitable for reuse. This will reduce your costs as well as play a role in keeping the environment beautiful.

We have been leading this ETP Plant supplier service year after year. We have been building wastewater treatment plants for many Boro companies in the past. As a result, we are now known as the best Effluent Treatment Plant manufacturer in Bangladesh.

We specialize in acquiring precious metal chrome from waste. This method is economical and probably known as a pollution control method. By doing this you can create an ETP Plant at a very low cost. The entire work of making this plant is done by a team of our experts. All of them are very skilled and devoted to their monsters and they use advanced technology to make those products.

So if you are looking for a Bangladesh ETP Plant supplier for your industry then we can be your first choice. So again let us know in detail about our ETP Plant service below. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of ​​the whole process of the ETP Plant and our specialized service. But before we get into the details, we think it’s important to have some ideas. So we first get some idea about these issues.

What does ETP Plant Stand For?

A wastewater treatment plant or ETP is a sort of wastewater treatment framework explicitly intended to filter modern wastewater for reuse and mean to set naturally safe water free from the unsafe impacts brought about by squander. 

Modern waste contains various materials relying upon the business. Some byproducts contain oil and lube and some contain harmful substances (cyanide). Food and drink plant squanders contain destructive natural poisons. Since modern wastewater contains various sorts of debasements and hence a particular treatment innovation called ETP is required. 

The ETP plant works at different levels and includes different physical, substance, natural, and layer cycles to treat squander from different modern areas like synthetic, drugs, treatment facilities, dairy, prepared blend plants, and materials.

We are the Best Industrial ETP Plant Supplier & Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Industrial ETP plants help industries solve their waste treatment problems before reusing wastewater or water or discharging it into nature.

Textiles, paper, wine, food and beverages, biomedical, hospitals,s and many other industries produce large amounts of wastewater, and rivers, ponds, and lakes need to be treated for recycling or disposal as directed by the Government of Bangladesh. Like the whole environment. That is why every industry needs a waste treatment plant.

We are currently working with many reputable industry clients because you can see the client page to see them.

ETP plant built by us, small to large ETP plant which is between 1kld to 100kld. Through this, we are one of the best ETP plant suppliers or manufacturers in Bangladesh who serve their clients with high satisfaction.

We Use MBBR Innovation for ETP Plant Manufacturers in Bangladesh 

With the approach of MBBR innovation, regular dynamic slop-type squanders treatment plants are blurring a direct result of the popularity for land and common works. MBBR takes care of this issue since it is a smaller plan where little tanks utilize little plots of land, and tanks, for example, leveling tanks, MBBR reactor tanks, and clarifier tanks can be stacked. 

MBBR requires very little if any synthetics and delivers next to no ooze, significantly diminishing the expense and intricacy of plant the executives. With SSI grounded in the Bangladeshi market, nearby organizations have a fantastic decision for their waste treatment plant (ETP) suppliers.

Features and Benefits of Our Effluent Treatment Plant Services

The Application Of Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Dairy Industries
  • food and Foor Processing Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Dye And Pigment Manufacturing Industries
  • Textile and Paper Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Sugar, Lether, and Distilleries
  • Power Plants
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Industries
  • Others Industries

Advantages of Our Effluent Treatment Plant Services

  • Reduced completion 
  • Low energy utilization. 
  • Less functional clamor. 
  • Intended to give unscented water. 
  • Planned by the necessary limit. 
  • Offer unimportant slop age. 
  • Programmed ooze distribution framework. 
  • Simple support and fast establishment. 
  • Assurance all around through epoxy paint. 
  • Actuated slop handling plant which doesn’t need some other measurements or expansion. 
  • The shut module is a solitary assembled plant with a few chambers that work with simple transportation and establishment. 
  • Air circulation framework comprising blower, fine air pocket diffuser, air supply line, and air alleviation valve.

Our ETP Capacity

We have 5 complexes ETPs inside its assembling offices in Dhaka and Chittagong, which all fulfill public guidelines. The limit of our ETPs are as per the following:

  • 70 m3/hour
  • 30 m3/hour
  • 10 m3/hour
  • 10 m3/hour
  • 8 m3/hour

All our ETPs are biochemical or substances in their properties and can treat water successfully. As emanating water from modern cycles goes through an ETP, poisons, and poisons are eliminated from them, and the nature of the water is fundamentally improved. This considers a safe release to the climate with next to no natural danger.

Our ETP System Information:

Our offices follow and keep up with the accompanying strategies for profluent water treatment: 

  • Actual treatment like Screening 
  • ECR Operation 
  • Blower Operation 
  • Synthetic medicines, including Chemical Dosing System through coagulant specialist, hairy specialist, ph neutralizer, and so forth 
  • Bio-synthetic treatment 
  • Natural treatment 
  • Sludge Management System

Our ETP Water Treatment Process

Wastewater release from our washing offices is gathered into the assortment tanks through their Inlet depletes and streams to the Equalization tanks with bar screen chambers. Air is passed up by blowers for appropriate blending of various sorts of effluents. Subsequent to blending, effluents are shipped off the Neutralization tanks to control the pH levels. The standard pH level for modern wastewater is 6-9. 

The treated effluents are then shipped off the Flocculation tank through a Flash Mixture tank for delivering a legitimate progression of ooze by dosing of poly Electrolyte arrangement. In the wake of delivering the slop, the effluents are shipped off the Tube Settler-clarifier. 

The supernatant fluid is then shipped off the Aeration tank to diminish the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and increment the DO (Dissolved Oxygen). Consequently, the settled slime is overseen according to ecological prerequisites and guidelines. After appropriate controlling of water test boundaries like BOD, COD, DO, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), SS (Suspended Solid), TSS (Total Suspended Solid), and others, the treated water is securely depleted out to the close by water body. 

Our ETP Sludge Management System

Modern muck is adequately treated and released utilizing the accompanying methodology: 

  • The slime is moved from the Primary Clarifier to the Sludge Tank utilizing gravity power with the assistance of prepared and approved faculty. 
  • Then, at that point, the sludge is provided to the Sludge Thickener by a tension siphon to thicken the muck. 
  • The Sludge Thickener moves the thickened muck to the Sludge Drying Bed, which dries the sludge and makes ooze cakes utilizing gravity power. 
  • In the wake of drying is finished, the sludge is stuffed and released to the last ooze holding region, which is attached and archived on a register. 
  • At last, the slime is discarded according to lawful rules.

Why You Should Hire Us As an ETP Plant Supplier in Bangladesh?

A portion of the advantages of picking us as your ETP treatment plant suppliers in Bangladesh are as per the following:

  • Full help preceding deal. We can give specialized estimations, fit our plant into your draftsman’s drawings, and give a proposition to the total turnkey plant.
  • You will save administrative costs. MBBR requires no upkeep of a slop cover in the clarifier since there is no arrival of dynamic slime to the cycle required. It is an exceptionally basic plant to work.
  • You will save money on synthetic expenses. MBBR, when appropriately planned, requires scarcely any synthetics.
  • You will save money on removal costs. MBBR can significantly lessen the slime volume for removal.
  • MBBR functions admirably with sanitization and ultrafiltration for re-use (ZLD).
  • You will save the land. Try not to annihilate your creation offices to fabricate an emanating treatment plant! Pick a minimal plan like SSI’s MBBR.