RO Antiscalant - Genesys

Brands: Genesys

Origin: UK

Genesys CAS BWRO high Calcium sulfate
Genesys LF Broad Spectrum BW & SWRO, metal ion sequestrate, desalination sys.
Genesys MP Broad spectrum, large municipal BWRO
Genesys MG Elevated pH 2nd pass boron rejection Magnesium hydroxide specific
Genesys PHO High Calcium phosphate, WWRO
Genesys RC Small BWRO & rejection recycle system
Genesys SI BWRO high silica
Genesys WB Small mains fed systems, with dechlorinator
Genesys LS Brackish / Sea water low metals
Genesys SW Seawater antiscalant and dispersant, phosphorous free.